CLUB Finals Programme of events

Finals of the 2014 Tasman Tanning premier and senior club rugby championships will be played at Spriggens Park, Wanganui, on Saturday, August 2nd

tasman3The match schedule is –

Premier championship – Spriggens Park – 2.35 – Ruapehu v Pirates

Senior championship – Spriggens Park – 1.30 – Hunterville v Ruapehu

Senior consolation – Spriggens Park – 11.30 – Counties v Marton

a3                                    Presentation format for Finals Day on the Park –

Half-time in Premier Final (Brian Green, Jeff Slight) –

Senior consolation
Match Officials
Senior Challenge Shield – Hunterville
Senior Round 1 Trophy – Hunterville
Senior championship runners-up
Senior champions
Senior Player of the Day
Senior Match Officials

Conclusion of premier final (Arch Roebuck WRFU Patron and Life Member, Dave Hoskin WRFU Chairman and Brian Green) –
Weekes Cup – Champion club – Ruapehu  
Gordon Thompson Memorial Certificate – Team excellence – Marist Buffalo’s
Premier MVP Voucher(s) – Lindsay Horrocks (Border), William Short (Ruapehu)
Premier top points scorer – Sikeli Ulukuta (Border) 190 Points
Premier Challenge Shield – Border
Premier Rd 1 winners – Ruapehu
Metro Championship – Pirates
Premier championship final officials
Premier championship runners-up
Premier Champions
Premier Player of the Day

Note – Player certificates for teams in finals who do not receive a medal will be forwarded to the clubs the week after the finals. Club certificates only will be awarded on the day.

Rules for Finals –

Please Note – Eligibility –

All players must be registered with the WRFU. To play in a Club Final a player must have played at least five games for their team in that grade during the season. The exception being – a player can play in a higher grade final even if they have not played five games in that grade (example – a senior player may be called up to play in the premier final but a premier player who has not played at least five games in the senior competition cannot play in the senior final. In the case of serious player injury (not able to play the required five games) or the arrival of a player late in the season, Clubs may request an exemption from the Operations Committee.

Reserves – Teams are permitted a maximum of 22 players for a match. They must be numbered and named (christian and surnames neatly printed) on the official team sheet. There are to be no bracketed players on the team sheet. Only a maximum of seven reserves are permitted to be stripped for a game and to sit on provided seats along with three (only) team officials – a maximum of 10 in total. No one else is permitted inside the control barrier.

Players replacing an injured player must remain on the sideline until a stoppage and acknowledged by the referee, or sent to the referee by an appointed touch judge. Players must report to the touch judge and give their playing number before taking the field.

Reserves and team officials must remain seated at all times while play is in action apart from substitutes taking the field.

For finals day teams involved in games will be issued with special admission tickets – 30 per team.. Club season and Player passes are not valid on finals day. Players arriving in team buses must proceed on foot through the Sargeant St gate and present their issued player passes. Buses will be directed to specific bus parking areas. Cars (one per team) carrying team gear may drop off the gear and must then leave the park.

Teams involved in finals will be notified of their changing room allocations.

There will be security guards on duty at all entrances. No liquor is to be taken into the park which is a glass and drug free area. There is a smoking and drug ban in the changing and shower rooms and in the passage way.

Liquor can only be consumed in the confines of the park club rooms and inside the union changing rooms (cans only).

The Pirates and Marist club street entrances are to be locked from 10am until 4pm with security guards on duty. Only entrances into the park are via the Hatrick and Sargeant Street gates.

Rules for Finals (if games end in a draw) –

A At the conclusion of regulation playing time there is a 5min break.

B 10min extra time each way with a 5min break between each spell.

C If still tied another 5min break and a sudden death 5min each way with the first team to score any points winning.

D As this “extended” game is the same game, the normal substitution roles are to be folllowed. That is – there is a maximum of seven replacements/substitutes during the game.

E Then if the teams are still tied the championship is shared.


Apart from declared “team refreshments” no liquor is permitted to be taken into Spriggens Park or the Racecourse. Team refreshments, to be consumed within the confines of the union dressing rooms and not taken outside, are to be restricted to CANS ONLY with no glass permitted. Any bottles taken into the ground will incur a WRFU penalty.

Liqour can only be consumed within the changing rooms and within the confines of the Marist and Pirates clubs.

Spriggens Park gates open at 10am.

J B (John) Phillips
WRFU Club Rugby Manager
027 231 2007