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110119150618AEVBPHJXTown Team to train Thursday 6pm Kaierau Country Club, Country Team Wednesday 6pm Marton Rugby Club.

Congratulations to the following member’s selection to the trial for the Wanganui Under 19 Team 2014. The trial match will be played at Kaireau Country Club 8th August 6pm players will meet, trial will Kick Off at 6:45.

All Country Team players are required to attend the first training run Wednesday 06 August at 6.00pm, Marton Rugby Club, Marton.

All TownTeam players are required to attend the first training run Thursday 07 August at 6.00pm, Kaierau Country Club, Wanganui.

Town Team Thursday 7th August 6pm Kaierau Country Club
1. Trent Hemi (Marist)
2. Joe Edwards (Wanganui Collegiate)
3. TBC
4. Shaq McKay (Wanganui Collegiate)
5. Reggie Boult (Cullinane College)
6. Regan Calder (Kaierau)
7. Te Atuarere Albert (Wanganui Collegiate)
8. Laurence Weber (Wanganui High School)
9. Tyrone Albert (Cullinane College)
10. Brett Cameron (Cullinane College)
11. Taylor Kirkwood (Kaierau)
12. Sam Monaghan (Marist)
13. TBC
14. Stu Brosnahan (Kaierau)
15. Grayson Tihema (Marist)
16. Shayden Philips (Marist)
17. Daniel McCartin (Wanganui Collegiate)
18. Stephan Perofeta (Wanganui Collegiate)
(Players to attend Metro Training, may play for country also)
19. Jason Roberts (Marist)
20. Quintin Purvis (Wanganui City College)
21. Nick Cave (Wanganui Collegiate)
22. Jona Nareki (Wanganui City College)
23. Wairua- Pohe Takiara (Cullinane College)
24. Blade Jones (Wanganui Collegiate)

Country – Wednesday 6th August 6pm Marton Rugby Club
1. Gabriel Hakaria (Ruapehu)
2. Aiden Keogh (Hunterville)
3. James Brett (Hunterville)
4. Carlos Tahau (Ruapehu)
5. Mitchel Overton (Taihape)
6. Hoani Woodhead (Taihape)
7. Kevin McDonnell (Ruapehu)
8. Josh Harding (Hunterville)
9. Kahl Elers (Ruapehu)
10. TBC
11. Brendon Berquist (Rangitikei College)
12. Andre McDonnell (Ruapehu College)
13. Peter Hay Horton (Marton)
14. Ainea Junior Ainea (Rangitikei College)
15. Ngatu Bates (Marton)
16. Keanu Kaa (Wanganui High School)
17. Poara McArthy (Taihape)
18. Brad Richmond (Hunterville)
19. Faafetai Siona (Kaierau)

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