Wanganui Rugby Draw August 9


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Steelform Wanganui v King Country – Turangi Domain, 2pm

Wanganui Development XV v King Country – Turangi Domain, 12 noon.

Manawatu-Wanganui secondary schools –

Premier (1st XV) – WCC v Cullinane, WCC, 12.30, Ben Lourie.

Premier 2 – Rangitikei 1st XV v Manawatu College 1st XV, Rangitkei College, 12.30, J P Koteka; WHS Colts v Waiopehu College 1st XV, WHS, 12.30, Kawana Tihema; WHS 2nd XV v Freyberg 1st XV, WHS, 12.30, Gordon Ririnui.

Under-15 B Div, semi-final: WCS v WHS, WCS, 9.50, Noah Viliamu.

Under-15 C Div, semi-finals: Cullinane v FAHS Blue, Cullinane, 9.50, Mark Chillingworth; Wanganui Counties v PNBHS Crusaders, Springvale Park 4, 9.50, Brian Tyson. Grading game: Rangitikei v PNBHS Chiefs, Rangiikei College, 9.50, Peter Wilson.

Under-14 semi-final: WHS v Freyberg, WHS, 9.50, Mark Wilson.

Rules for semi-finals (If games end in a draw) – No extra time. 1, most tries wins. 2, If equal tries, first try wins. 3, No tries, first points wins. 4. No points, toss of coin to decide winners.

Under-14 – under 65kg tryzone 10-a-side (Today, Wednesday, August 6, Cooks Gardens) – WOB v WCS, No 1, 4pm, Mark Chillingworth; Rangitikei v WCC, No 2, 4pm, Peter Wilson; WHS v Taihape A.S., No 1, 4.45, Neville Hopkins.

McDonald’s junior rugby –

Under-13, Div A (10.15): Ruapehu v Marist, Raetihi 1; Ratana v Counties-Border, SP 1; Huntley A and WIS Academy byes. Div B: Taihape v Huntley B, Taihape, 10.15; Marton v Hunterville, Marton 1, 11am; WIS Development v Kaierau, SP 1, 9am.

Under-11, semi-finals: Kaierau v Pirates, SP 2, 9am; Marton v Ruapehu, SP 2, 10.15. Grading game: Marist Colts v Ratana,SP 3, 9am.

Under-10, semi-finals: Border v Marton, SP 5, 10.15; Marist Captains v Hunterville, Sp 6, 10.15. Grading games: Ruapehu v Taihape, Raetihi 2a, 10.15; Kaierau Maroon v Kaierau Gold, SP 5, 9am; WOB v Pirates, SP 6, 9 am; Waiouru Eels bye.

Under-9: Taihape Honda v Taihape Wildcats, Taihape 2b, 10.15; Marton v Huntervile, Marton 1a, 10.25; Kaierau Maroon v Kaierau Gold SP 7, 9am; Ratana v Marist Canes, SP 7, 10.15.

Under-8: Marton v Marist Stallions, Marton 1b, 10.15; Ruapehu Black v Ruapehu Red, Raetihi 2b, 10.15; Taihape v Hunterville, Taihape 2b, 10.15; Marist Stripes v Kaierau Gold SP 8, 9am; Ratana v Kaierau Maroon, SP 8, 10.15; Pirates bye.

Under-7 Rippa (10am): Marton v Kaierau, Marton 2a; Marist Tigers v Border, SP 11a; Pirates v Ratana, SP 11b.

Under-6 Rippa (10am): Border 1 v Border 2, Waverley 1b; Marton v Counties, Marton 2b; Hunterville 1 v Hunterville 2, Hunterville; Marist Ninjas v Marist Robots, SP 12a; Kaierau Gold v Kaierau Maroon, SP 12b.