U18 Match Report – Whanganui vs Wellington

U18 Match Report


Whanganui vs Wellington

image001Wellington made their intentions clear at the sound of the first whistle, they were going to play the game hard and fast. Whanganui were a bit shell shocked in the opening seconds after Wellington stormed over to score in the first 30 seconds. Three minutes later Wellington went over again.

Whanganui regrouped and started making those first up tackles and working well around the rucks and keeping their defensive line solid. However, Wellington were unrelenting and started passing the ball out wide, stretching the Whanganui defence, enabling their backs to break through and keep the score board ticking over and the half time score was 38 – 0.

After the break Whanganui stepped up their game and with more possession than they got in first half put pressure on the Wellington side. Unfortunately, Wellington were able to capitalise on the mistakes Whanganui made and when they regained possession they turned them into points with some skilful counter attacks from their outside backs.

Although Whanganui went down 68 – 0, it was a good experience playing against one of the bigger unions and the boys took a lot out of the game that they will work on for the remainder of the competition.