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McDonald’s Wanganui Junior Grades – Saturday, 13th May 2017

Saturday Morning Rugby—McDonald’s Wanganui Junior Grades – Saturday, 13th May 2017

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Springvale Park is CLOSED tomorrow to all activities bar sailing or rafting (jokes, no boats with keels, please).

All games scheduled for Springvale are off.  All other venues are on until further notice is given

Junior parents and players- just confirming council have closed MARTON and HUNTERVILLE fields tomorrow as well.

Under 13—
Huntley 1st XV v Marist, Huntley 1, 9:30am
Kaierau v Pirates, SP 1, 9am
Taihape v Ruapehu, Taihape 1, 10:30am.

Under 12—
Border v Marist Canes, SP 2, 9am
Huntley 2nd XV v Marton, Huntley 2, 10am;

Under 11 –
Huntley Colts v Ruapehu, Huntley 1, 11am
Kaierau v Pirates, SP 3, 9am
Marton v Marist Stallions, Marton 1, 10am
Taihape v Counties (grading game), SP 4, 10:30am

Under 10
Hunterville v Border, SP 6, 10am
Kaierau v Taihape, SP 7, 10:30am
Marist Eagles v Ratana, SP 8, 10am
Marton v Pirates, Marton 2A, 10am

Under 9—
Kaierau Gold v Border, SP 5, 10am
Kaierau Maroon v Taihape Blue, SP 5, 11am
Marist Vikings v Taihape Red, SP 6, 11am
Ruapehu v Marist Lightning, SP 8, 11am
Marton v Pirates, Marton 2B, 10am

Under 8 –
Hunterville v Ruapehu, Hunterville 1, 10:30am
Kaierau v Pirates, SP 9, 10am
Marton v Marist Jets, Marton 2A, 11am

Under 7 Rippa—
Border v Pirates, SP 10A, 10am
Kaierau v Marist White, SP 10B, 10am
Marist FOMS v Marton, SP 10A, 11am
Kokohuia v Tupoho, SP 10B, 11am
Marist Stars—Bye

Under 6 Rippa—
Border v Hunterville Maroon, SP 11A, 11am
Marist Raiders v Marton Yellow, SP 11A, 10am
Eastbrook v Hunterville Black, SP 11B, 11am
Marist Chiefs v Kaierau Gold, SP 12A, 10am
Kaierau Maroon v Pirates White, SP 12B, 10am
Pirates Black v Pirates Grey, SP 12B, 11am
Marton Blue—Bye

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