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Referee Report Forms 

1. Form A – Report of Referee (Ordering Off) Click Here

2. Form B – Report of Assistant Referee (Ordering Off) Click Here 

3. Form C – Report of Referee (Temporary Suspension) Click Here

4. Form D – Report of Assistant Referee (Temporary Suspension)  Click Here

5. Form E – Report of Referee (Matches Called Off) Click Here for PDF Download

6. Referee Abuse Form  Click Here for PDF Download

7. 2016 Serious Injury Report Forms  Click Here for PDF Download


Haig Elgar     021 911 243

Council of Clubs Delegate                       Convenor of Selectors

Gordon Ririnui                                                   Murray O’Hara                   0274946405                  

Referee Education Advisor                        Facilitator

Matt Peters           06) 355 3620                       Neville Hopkins              (06) 345 7540
PO Box 1729     Fax   (06) 355 3619                 17 D Turere Place             021 104 2551
Palmerston North       027 213 8394                Wanganui            

Become a Ref

Want to become a referee?
Volunteering for rugby is a fantastic way to contribute to your community!

Refereeing rugby is an opportunity to stay intimately involved in our great game!

You can stay fit and enjoy lots of different rugby experiences. We will kit you out, appoint you and coach you in the sport of rugby refereeing.

If you are interested in becoming a referee in Wanganui, please contact the Wanganui Rugby Union by either flicking us an email on  or giving us a call on 06 3492313. Alternatively, you can contact Matt Peters on the details below.
Referee Education Advisor


• Stay involved in the game
• Stay fit
• Experience new opportunities
• Meet new people
• Give something back to the game you love


• All you need is a love of the game and a pair of boots
• You will be provided equipment from your local provincial union
• You are given specialised training both off and on the field
• A coach is available to monitor your performance and give you advice and support


You could try one of the following courses:

Registered Associate Referee
Designed for: Parents and coaches who want to help when no official referee is available

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Phone 0800 733 373

Course Content: Scrum safety, laws of the game, role of the referee, NZRU “RugbySmart” injury prevention

Application: You will be able to control “contested” scrums (for games at under 11 grade and higher)

Benefits: Basic referee training, introduction to the laws of the game, covered to referee by the NZRU indemnity insurance scheme

“You Make The Call”

Designed for: Secondary school students and others who wish to participate in an advanced introductory refereeing programme

Duration: 14 hours

Location: Phone 0800 733 373

Course Content: The modules are grouped in accordance with the common components of the Laws of the Game of Rugby

Application: You will be able to control “contested” scrums (for games at under 11 grade and higher)

Benefits: The course content is NZQA approved and provides the opportunity for participants to obtain credits towards unit standards on the national qualifications framework. It is the first stage in the rugby refereeing training and development pathway

Referees Association

Wanganui Rugby Referees Association

Haig Elgar     021 911 243

Referee Council of Clubs Delegate
Haig Elgar        (06) 3444100 (bus)
13 Alexa Place    021911243

Appointment Convenor
Peter Wilson        (06) 3450854
19 Marybank Road    0274509107

Referee Facilitator
Neville Hopkins        (06) 3457540
17D Turere Place    0211042551

Referee Education Advisor
(Wanganui/Manawatu/Horowhenua Kapiti)
Matt Peters            (06) 3553620
PO Box 1729    Fax(06) 3553619
Palmerston North    0272138394


Rugby Is a Physical Game!

Some sports are ‘genteel’ and require skills which only apply to their particular sport. Rugby could not be called ‘genteel’ but it still requires particular skills to play the game. Being a physically confrontational sport, there is occasionally the sight of players who overstep the ‘physical’ nature of the game. This is where the referee should step in and use the powers he / she has to ensure that the game does not deteriorate into a real ‘physical’ confrontation which can easily be found in a boxing or wrestling ring.

When a player is ordered off via the issuing of a red card, the referee and / or touch judges are required to fill out an ordering off form and submit it to the local Rugby Union within 48 hours of the incident. Occasionally this is not the case. If that occurs and no report is received by the local Rugby Union within the stipulated time frame, then the incident lapses and the ordered off player is permitted to play on in the local competition.

Referees / Touch Judges who do not put in either ordering off forms or Sin Bin reports do their fellow referees and the game a dis-service. An ordered off player, if his case is not heard by the local judicial system, may play on in the mistaken belief that he / she is able to get away with actions of foul play and the referee of the day could well be again confronted with a similar foul play scenario as was his colleague the previous Saturday. Such a player could well be considered lucky to still be playing instead of being stood down by the judicial system.

Referees and Touch Judges play their part in keeping a physical game played within the confines of the Laws of the Game. Players, who step outside the laws of rugby with foul play, can expect to be dealt with on the field and depending on the severity of the incident, should be dealt with off the field. This is done through ordering off reports being written and considered by a judicial committee who then decide on the severity of the offence and the nature of the ‘stand down ‘ period.

No referee likes to order off players. No Coach likes to have his player sent off. No player wants to visit a judicial committee.

But rugby is a physical game, and occasionally the last resort is a red card.

Murray Wills
Referee Education Officer
Wanganui / Taranaki / Manawatu



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