2015 Newsletter – January

New Look Office Staff

There will be new faces in the WRFU Office when it finally swings into action for the 2015 season.

The office re-opens on Tuesday, January 20th, but the full staffing will not be operational from that date.

As you are aware Dale Cobb resigned as CEO at the end of October, 2014, after five years in that position, previously being Junior Administrator between 2005-2008.

John (JB) Phillips, who resigned as Club Development Officer at the end of August after 11 years with the union, has been acting CEO since the start of November. Paul (PK) Kenny has been the new CDO.

The union has advertised for a new CEO and there are 14 applicants so far, from the USA, Qatar, Australia and New Zealand. Applications close next Thursday (January 15th). A new CEO is expected to be named after the monthly Board meeting on Tuesday, January 27th, with a start date of Tuesday, March 3rd.

Jordan Farrington has resigned as Community Rugby Development Officer after four years in the role. He has joined the staff of St. Peter’s School, Cambridge.

The WRFU is currently seeking a new RDO and there are two applicants for an assistant RDO role which the union hopes to establish.

February and March are two key months when all coaches have to be up-dated with the latest Rugby Smart requirements, junior and secondary committees have to be set-up, and 3500 NZR Player Registration forms have to be distributed to more than 70 clubs and schools around the union.

In addition clubs will be very active in preparing for the 2015 Tasman Tanning premier (nine teams) and senior (14 teams) qualifying competitions which start on March 21st. The first Council of Clubs meeting will  held at the Kaierau Country Club at 7.30pm on Tuesday, February 10th.

Metropolitan clubs are reminded there is a vacancy on the CoC’s Operations Committee and there is also a vacancy as a CoC representative on the WRFU Board.

There is a Special General meeting of the WRFU at Kaierau on Tuesday, January 10th at 7pm, half an hour before the COC meeting, to consider the union’s 2014 financial report and balance sheet and proposed changes to the WRFU Constitution including changing the end of year financial date from October 31st to December 31st to fall in line with NZ Rugby.

Club Shadow Draws

Copies of the 2015 Tasman Tanning premier and senior shadow draws to assist clubs in applying for travel grants from Gaming Machine outlets.

Most of the fixtures, where possible, are at reverse first round venues to last season.

Senior games are being played as curtain-raisers to premier teams where possible during the first nine weeks but then it becomes very tricky when the nine-team premier grade moves into return second round fixtures and it is impossible for the 14 senior sides to play as curtain-raisers.

Senior sides have been matched with home games along with premiers where possible but some fixtures are against different opposition.

The Council of Clubs will be required to decide on the second round format in the senior grade because there are only five available Saturdays before the scheduled semi-finals.

The Top Six senior sides, for example, could play a second round of return championship games before the semis and final and the bottom eight teams could play a second round with the leading side declared the consolation winners with no semis or final. Alternatively the bottom eight sides could perhaps be split into divisions.

Clubs are asked to consider a senior second round format for a decision to be made at the January 10th CoC meeting.

J B (John) Phillips