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NZ MARIST XV 2015 team to play the HEARTLAND XV

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Wanganui has two players , Simon Dibben and Vicki Tofa selected to play for NZ Marist this weekend congratulations.

Also well done to Jason Hamlin (Coach) and Mike Donoghue (Manager) on your selections as Management.

The following players have been selected for the NZ Marist XV to play against the NZRU Heartland XV on Saturday 7th November, 2015 @ TrustHouse Memorial Park , Masterton.

1. Valentine Meachen (Marist St Pats Wellington)
2. Nick Strachan (Celtic Timaru)
3. Shawn Begg (Marist Nelson)
4. Liam Berry (HSOB Marist Palmerston North)
5. Simon Dibben (Marist Wanganui)
6. Chris Crichton (Marist Albion Christchurch)
7. Mike Buckley (Marist St Pats Wellington)
8. Ellery Wilson ( OB Marist Napier)
9. Henry Wilson ( Marist Masterton)
10. Murray Hewson (OB Marist Gisborne)
11. Kava Valu (Hutt OB Marist Wellington)
12. James Hawkey (Celtic Timaru)
13. Whaiora Rangiwai (Marist Ardmore)
14. Tangaroa Walker (Marist Invercargill)
15. Caleb Hall (Marist Greerton)
16. Shannon Frizell (Marist Nelson)
17. Star Timu ( Hastings R&S)
18. Palenapa Mafi (Athletic Marist Oamaru)
19. Niwha Wainui Irwin (Marist Whakatane)
20. Sam Watt ( Celtic Ashburton)
21. Ben Parsons (Hastings R&S)
22. Vicki Tofa (Marist Wanganui)
23. Henry Allen (Marist Albion Christchurch)

Coach: Jason Hamlin (Marist Wanganui)
Coach: Nigel Walsh (Celtic Timaru)
Manager: Mike Donoghue (Marist Wanganui)
Manager: Nathan Couch (Marist Masterton)
President: Richie McCrea (Celtic Ashburton)
Media: Peter McNeill (Hutt OB Marist Wellington)
Tour Manager: Tony Meachen (Marist St Pats Wellington)

NZ HEARTLAND XV gather to prepare for the 2015 Heartland XV Series



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