The Union





1. Optimum organisational structure and professional administration of WRFU.

2. Structures and pathways for rugby player, coach, referees and administrator development.

3. Secure long term financial base for Wanganui Rugby.

4. Competitive representative teams.

5. Continual marketing of Wanganui Rugby.

6. Viable, competitive and equitable Junior and Senior rugby competitions

7. Maintenance of history, pride and traditions of Wanganui Rugby.

GOAL 1: Optimum organisational structure and professional administration of WRFU

2009 Strategies:

1.1 – Maintaining of high quality visually appealing WRFU office.

1.2 – Adoption of and documentation of robust and professional WRFU Administrative Office procedures.

1.3 – Regular review of Union staffs job description, roles and responsibilities.

1.4 – Regular review of internal office manning levels.

1.5 – Adoption of technology for processing of and sharing of information.

1.6 – Maintain positive engagement with higher NZRFU, Hurricanes franchise and other Provincial Unions

1.7 – WRFU Board has permanent sub-committee to review WRFU Constitution ands Organisational structure.

1.8 – Develop and maintain transparent, inter-active communication framework from Board level down to all stakeholders.

1.9 – Maintenance of ‘national class’ administrative and playing venue Headquarters for Wanganui Rugby

2009 Objectives:

1.1.1 – Display WRFU rugby memorabilia in WRFU office areas.

1.1.2 – Develop and abide by a series of rules associated with office ‘tidiness’.

1.1.3 – Have Board Chairman inspect WRFU offices bi-annually for tidiness; suitability of office equipment; style appropriateness

1.1.4 – Draft plan, including budget for timely and regular replacement of WRFU office furniture and equipment by 1 May 09.

1.2.1 – Maintain comprehensive information management system.

1.2.2 – WRFU Office Procedures documented.

1.2.3 – Prompt response to information requests.

1.3.1 – Review and confirm current employment contracts for all office staff.

1.3.2 – Review and confirm current job descriptions of all office staff.

1.4.1 – Complete time-sheets for all office staff over two month period which confirms time spent on core tasks, administration (filing, typing) work, meetings, administration personal and non job description roles or responsibility tasks.

1.4.2 – Review office manning.

1.5.1 – Maintain a ‘standard’ communication and computer suite for the Union office.

1.5.2 – WRFU information on NZ Rugby web site to be updated fortnightly.

1.5.3 – Conduct series of meetings to all rugby stakeholders on the information conducts into WRFU data, information via web site. This is to be done conjunction with other printed media brochures, ‘sales’ campaign.

1.6.1 – Maintain regular informal and informal contact with CEO’s of Horowhenua, Kapiti, Manawatu, Taranaki, Wellington, Wairarapa Bush, the NZRU and Hurricanes franchise.

1.7.1 – Sub-committee of the Board formed by continually review WRFU constitution and Organisational structure.

1.7.2 – Complete Constitution review including official documentation changes to the Constitution by 1 Mar 09.

1.8.1 – Establish and promulgate organization diagram of WRFU from Board to Sub-Boards, Associations and Council of Clubs by 1 Dec 08.

1.8.2 – Draft ‘responsibility statements for each “functional area” of the WRFU (i.e. role and function of the WRFU board, role and function of the Junior Rugby Management Board, etc).

1.8.3 – Promulgate WRFU Newsletter on 25 Jan 09, 25 Apr 09, 25 Jul 09 and 25 Oct 09.

1.9.1 – Maintain a good relationship with landlord and Wanganui District Council.

1.9.2 – Review and maintain complete and accurate leasing/use Agreements.

GOAL 2: Structures and pathways for rugby player, coach, referee’s and administrator development

2009 Strategies:

2.1 – Promote structures and pathways for player development.

2.2 – Establish and maintain framework for support and development of coaches

2.3 – Establish and maintain framework for support and development of Refereeing

2.4 – Establish framework for support and development of Wanganui Rugby administrators

2009 Objectives:

2.1.1 – Player development plan drafted and implemented.

2.1.2 – Player Academy and Scholarship programmes maintained

2.1.3 – Develop and promulgate ‘simple’, easily understood ‘flowchart’ how you develop as a ‘normal Joe Bloggs’ player and progress from midgets to a Club and then maybe a Wanganui NPC player by 1 Apr 09 to a Club and then maybe a Wanganui NPC player by 1 Apr 09.

2.2.1 – Promote structures and pathways for coach development.

2.3.2 – Promote and support the role and responsibilities of Wanganui Rugby Referee’s Association (WRRA).

2.3.3 – Have WRFU Board member assigned as Liaison Officer to WRRA.

2.4.1 – Establish communication network between Board, Union Office and Club administrators.

2.4.2 – Provide aide memoire for Club rugby administrators.

2.4.3 – Provide procedural sheets for the processing of routine reports and returns from Clubs to the Union Office.

2.4.4 – Conduct rugby administrator’s induction course.

GOAL 3: Secure long term financial base for Wanganui Rugby

2009 Strategies:

3.1 – WRFU Board has permanent Finance sub-committee.

3.2 – Maintaining of comprehensive list of all possible sources of finance including grants, sponsorship, and business opportunities.

3.3 – Have a five-year budget forecast of financial requirements, with an annual detailed budget forecast.

3.4 – Monitor and review sponsorship schemes organized by other comparable sized provincial rugby unions.

2009 Objectives:

3.1.1 – Sub-committee report monthly to Board on relevant issues.

3.1.2 – Prepare an annual zero based budgets for WRFU activities.

3.1.3 – Continually review WRFU financial policies.

3.2.1 – Outline what expenditure qualifies for grant assistance; and implement an ongoing program for grant applications.

3.2.2 – Develop and maintain sponsor information database.

3.3.1 – Develop a five-year budget forecast of financial requirements.

3.3.2 – Draft 2010 season budget by 1 Oct 09.

3.3.3 – Conduct an annual review of performance prior to setting following year’s budget.

3.4.1 – Sub-committee to define sponsorship objectives and establish a monitored system to achieve these.

GOAL 4: Competitive Representative Teams

2009 Strategies:

4.1 – Instil core values of integrity, pride, professionalism, fair play, pursuit of excellence, leadership, respect, commitment and fun.

4.2 – Have a clear pathway for representative players, coaches and managers.

4.3 – Continue to have a positive relationship with media.

4.4 – Have incremental rewards for players.

4.5 – Retain and increase player numbers in Wanganui Rugby.

2009 Objectives:

4.1.1 – Re-establish and promote WRFU crest, playing colours, playing uniform design (subject to marketing constraints/requirements) by 1 Dec 08.

4.1.2 – Develop policy for consistent/universal WRFU team playing uniforms, walk out gear, No 1‘s, tracksuits for representative teams by 1 Jan 09.

4.1.3 – Promulgate WRFU Code of Conduct to all Clubs, Schools, Referees Association, Sub Unions.

4.1.4 – Develop aide memoire detailing guidelines, expectations and responsibilities of WRFU representative teams, coaches and managers.

4.2.1 – Confirm NPC Teams eligibility selection process by 1 Feb 09.

4.2.2 – Confirm Wanganui B and Under 20 Representative team selection process by 1 Apr 09.

4.2.3 – Confirm NPC Team, Coach and Management staff by 10 Nov 08.

4.2.4 – Confirm Wanganui B and Under 20 Management staff by 1 Mar 09.

4.2.5 – Confirm Secondary School Boys, Girls and Under 16 Representative Coaches by 1 Apr 09.

4.2.6 – Promulgate Secondary School and Under 16 Selection process by 10 Apr 09.

4.2.7 – Conduct Coaching Clinics for WRFU Representative Coaches on third Sunday in April 2009.

4.2.8 – Nominate three WRFU representative coaches to attend NZRFU High Performance Coaching Course.

4.2.9 – Nominate two WRFU managers to attend NZRFU sponsored Managers Course.

4.3.1 – Draft procedures for feedback to printed media on Representative team selection, game scheduling and match reports for use by managers by 1 Jul 09.

4.4.1 – Confirm NPC Player Expense re-imbursement regime by 1 Apr 09.

4.4.2 – Draft policy of petrol voucher re-imbursement for representative players by 1 Apr 09.

4.4.3 – Draft policy document on scale of equipment to be issued to Representative teams.

4.4.4 – Have formal meeting with representative coaches on requirements and expectations of Union, in April 2009.

4.5.1 – Formalise and promulgate communication channels with players on academies and/or scholarships by 1 Apr 09.

4.5.2 – Increase in 2009 season from the 2008 season, the total number of rugby players playing junior rugby by 5 % and senior rugby by 7%.

GOAL 5: Continual marketing of Wanganui Rugby

2009 Strategies:

5.1 – Create and Action simple marketing plan

2009 Objectives:

5.1.1 – Develop three year Marketing Plan.

5.1.2 – Develop annual marketing plan.

5.1.3 – Introduce new sponsorship or partnering opportunities for $25K (+) sponsors.

5.1.4 – Draft and promulgate 50 x regular, planned press releases & good news stories.

5.1.5 – Foster good working relationship with Wanganui Chronicle Sports Editor and principal sports writer.

5.1.6 – Join and get involved in complimentary associations i.e. Chamber of Commerce, Sport and Recreation Wanganui.

5.1.7 – Offer low cost sponsorship to ‘joe citizen’ – building on values, a loyalty pack. Form of season supporter.

5.1.8 – Maintain up-to-date website – point of reference for fixtures, news, registrations etc.

5.1.9 – Develop complimentary Wanganui marketing brands that enhance the Wanganui rugby ‘CD/ditty”.

GOAL 6: Viable, Competitive and Equitable Junior and Senior Rugby Competitions

2009 Strategies:

6.1 – Develop accurate record of playing numbers at all levels.

6.2 – Have competitions that cater for the different playing abilities, age and socio/economic backgrounds.

6.3 – Establish policies to minimize player transfers amongst Clubs within Wanganui.

6.4 – Minimise representative fixtures in Club competition season.

6.5 – Promote and support role of coach within Wanganui Rugby.

6.6 – Retain and increase coach numbers in Wanganui Rugby.

2009 Objectives:

6.1.1 – Have WRFU player database operational by 1 May 05.

6.2.1 – Ensure availability of suitable competitions for all participants who wish to play rugby.

6.2.2 – Create innovative and competitive competitions to maintain player interest.

6.3.1 – Council of Clubs to develop player transfer policy and implement for 2009 Club season.

6.4.1 – Restrict pre NPC fixtures to only three in Club competition season.

6.5.1 – Provide resources and support network for coach/team development.

6.5.2 – Promote coach role in the community.

6.5.3 – Produce support plan for coaches by 1 Mar 05.

6.6.1 – Increase total number of qualified coaches by 5% in 2009, from 2008 season numbers

GOAL 7: Maintenance of history, pride and traditions of Wanganui Rugby

2009 Strategies:

7.1 – Have single WRFU ‘Brand’.

7.2 – Recognise, value and encourage support and active involvement from former WRFU senior players, coaches and administrators.

7.3 – Promote and maintain WRFU rugby history.

2009 Objectives:

7.1.1 – Continue to promote WRFU crest, playing colours, playing uniform design (subject to marketing constraints/requirements).

7.1.2 – Develop consistent/universal WRFU team playing uniforms, walk out gear, No 1‘s, tracksuits policy.

7.1.3 – Develop policy on type of presentation to be awarded for issue to team captains, visiting dignitaries, etc.

7.2.1 – Engage previous Wanganui Rugby players, administrators, and referees and gain their support.

7.2.2 – Develop a Wanganui Rugby Supporters Club.

7.3.1 – Establish WRFU museum and memorabilia room.

7.3.2 – Develop/re-establish annual inter-provincial fixtures, challenge trophies programme by 1 Dec 08.

7.3.3 – Confirm policy on awarding of WRFU ties, pockets, blazers.

7.3.4 – Recognise importance and role of Board.