Wanganui RFU – 1940

We hope you enjoy this look back as we look forward to many more years of recording the history of Wanganui Rugby Union.We acknowledge all the information from the NZ “Rugby Almanack” Series from the season’s 1934 through to 2020 and appreciate their hard and dedicated work in providing this detailed history. Web Admin

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Results - 1940

Sat 15 Jun 2:30 pm A Representative Manawatu Whanganui RFU 22 - 11
Sat 06 Jul 2:30 pm H Representative Taranaki Whanganui RFU 00 - 21
Sat 24 Aug 2:30 pm H Representative NZ Army (Central-Trentham) Whanganui RFU 09 - 15
Sat 31 Aug 2:30 pm A Representative King Country Whanganui RFU 14 - 00
Sat 14 Sep 2:30 pm H Representative Manawatu Whanganui RFU 09 - 14
Sat 21 Sep 2:30 pm H Representative 1st Battalion WWC Reg. Whanganui RFU 03 - 03
Wanganui Rugby Union
( Founded : 1888 ; Affiliated: 1892 )
Headquarters : Wanganui
Colours: Wide Black & Blue & narrow White alternate bands
Selectors : Messrs. C.T.Young, W.J.Paltridge and H.Whiting
The poor record of Wanganui was accounted for largely through the frequent changes made in the teams, due partly to injuries, and to the inability of many men to travel.Of the leading 1939 players who did not represent again, F.Thompson (Kaierau) was twice selected but was unable to play,and J.Polson (Wanganui and Old Boys) and M.H.Dickie (Waverley-Waitotara) were in the postponed June 5 match XV ;D.G.Barton, W.J.Glenn and L.N.Northover were in the Services; G.H.Hook transferred back to Auckland; and J.W.T.Collins and M.J.Sutton did not appear.Experimentation in the selections resulted in the building up of a solid set of forwards; with the introduction of several good backs. With Callaghan transferred to Hawke’s Bay after the first match, only Firmin (the captain), Whillans (from Auckland) and Belliss were left to form the nucleus of a pack.A good front row was found in Pedley, Cairncross and Stewart, all workers,with Stewart the best. McKnight filled the position of last man down very well, and Phizacklea also played finely in this his first Rep.season.Voullaire was the former Taranaki player, and Barry was of Wellington, and incidentally the All Black of l932 and 1934.Taken wholly, the pack was good in the tight and lineout. After Brogden was no longer available, James proved a capable halfback. Injuries to Welsh created a difficulty in the inside back positions, which was to a certain extent overcome when the pairing of Chamberlain and Petersen was a success.Chamberlain played well, and Petersen showed promise. Taite (from Hawke’s Bay) solved the centre problem for the Selectors.Wilson showed up as a promising wing, but McPike and Shewan were not as good as in the previous season. Injuries prevented Percy, the former Oxford University player, from playing more than once. Cameron, the only selection from outside the Metropolitan area, played in one match only, whilst Phillips (in his first season of Senior football) met with severe injury in his first appearance in Rep.Rugby.
Match Record: Played, 6 ; Drew, 1 ; Lost, 5
Points : For 32 ; Against 89
1. June 15 vs Manawatu, at Palmerston North
Lost 11 – 22
Wanganui Scorers : H.O.Brogden, try
D. M. Whillans, 2 penalty goals and conversion.
2. July 6 vs Taranaki, at Spriggens Park, Wanganui
Lost 00 – 21
Referee: Mr.E.Wahlstrom (Wanganui)
3. August 24 vs The Army (Central-Trentham), at Spriggens Park, Wanganui
Lost 09 – 15
Wanganui Scorers : R.W.Phizacklea , W.J.Firmin, tries
R.W.Phizacklea , penalty goal
Referee: Mr.N.Reid (Wanganui)
4. August 31 vs King Country, at Taumarunui
Lost 00 – 14
5. September 14 vs Manawatu , at Spriggens Park, Wanganui
Lost 09 – 14
Wanganui Scorers : R.McKnight , C.Taite , K.James, tries
Referee: Mr.E.J.Crotty (Wanganui)
APPEARANCES For Wanganui RFU (1940)
G.Ngatoa (Kaierau) 1
A.N.Duncan (Wanganui.Pirates) 2
I.Guise (Wanganui Marists) 1
C.Wilson (Wanganui Pirates) 3
H.R.G.Percy (Wanganui.&.Old.Boys) 1
W.D.J.McPike (Wanganui Pirates) 3
G.Hore (Wanganui & Old Boys) 1
H.M.Shewan (Wanganui.Technical.Old.Boys) 2
C.Taite (Wanganui & Old Boys) 3
D.Valentine (Wanganui & Old Boys) 1
M.Grogan (Wanganui.Technical.Old.Boys) 1
I.Cameron (Rata) 1(a)
E.Nicholls (Wanganui & Old Boys) 1
K.A.Welsh (Wanganui & Old Boys) 2
B.Kahotea (Kaierau) 1
R.Petersen (Kaierau) 3
W.Phillips (Wanganui Pirates) 1
E.Chamberlain (Wanganui & Old Boys) 2
R.Francis (Wanganui Pirates) #
H.O.Brogden (Kaierau) 2
K.James (Kaierau) 3
J.Morgan (Kaierau) #
D.M.Whillans (Kaierau) 4
E.F.Barry (Wanganui Marists) 1
R.C.Voullaire (Wanganui Pirates) 2
R.W.Phizacklea (Wanganui Pirates) 5
W.J.Firmin (Kaierau) 5
D.A.Almond (Wanganui & Old Boys) 1
F.I.Callaghan (Kaierau) 1**
A.B.Pedley (Wanganui Pirates) 5
E.V.Belliss (Kaierau) 4
W.Stewart (Wanganui Pirates) 3
T.Cairncross (Wanganui Technical O.B.) 4
R.McKnight (Wanganui & Old Bovs) 3
A.G.Davidson (Wanganui Pirates) 1
R.Cross (Wanganui and Old Boys) 1
#  = A replacement during the match.
(a) = Rangitikei Sub-Union.
** = Also represented Hawke’s Bay.

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